Swan Valley Wine Tours

spending a day together with your friends is what we look for a long time. This is the time which we desparely wait for to come. There are alot of things which we can together with our friends it could be watching movie or going to eat on a restaurant but sometime you wanted to spend alot more time than movies and restaurants. a lot of people in perth choose to spend a day in the swan valley because its just an amazing thing to do. Swan valley has a lot of beautiful wineries and breweries which is well renowned and award winning too. Its not just spending a time with your friends in the swan valley , the party actually starts from your home. Hire a party bus and gether all your friend at one house where our driver picks you up and drives you to your favourite winery and brewery. While you are getting there enjoy your favourite music and your time that you have been waiting for a long time will get started.

Its upto you that how many wineries or breweries you want to visit. Genrally , people go to two or three or maximum four wineries where they do the wine tasting and do the lunch together and have a real chill time. Your bus will be parked in the car park area and once you guys are ready let our driver know and he or she will take your next winery. Our aim is to deliver you a best tour as possible. Although we can put you in a pakage for your wineryy/brewery tours but we highly recommend you that do your own research and talk to your friends so that you all feel excited and book directly with swan valley winery and restaurants. Doing this you will not only save money and but also decide at what time you want to be at which winery and that will make your tour worth the while. At the end of the tour you will will get dropped back to your back. Genrally 6 hour tour is more than enough and about 95 percent people stick with 6 hour otherwise you may get too tired.

Bus Hire Prices

We have few different options and it all depends on your need.

Swan valley tour

Tour Hours No. of People Price
6 hours 20 $ 600

Swan Valley Winery Tours

Tour Hours No. of People Price
8 hours 20 $ 800

Its too hard to give you the exact price as it all depends on situation and depends on how long you want to hire it for. Best to do is fill out a form and will get back to you wiith with the best price as possible.