Hens / Bucks Transport

Its that time of our life which we eagerly wait for to come. Sometime thinking what to do in your hens/buck can be quite challenging. As we do alot of these activities we can also gives you alot of those ideas which will make your day memorable. In genral alot people hire a party bus and do the pub crawl or winery tours but its alot more than that which you can do. We have a lot of different size party buses available for you to charter. Our 13 seater mini bus hire is a cheaper option if your group is too small but we can send upto 50 seater party bus anywhere in perth. If you dont choose weekend than we can give a really a good price for your bus charter. Soon we will try to update venues and ideas for your hens or bucks but for now call us and our friendly phone staff will assist you with everything they can.

Its too hard to give you the exact price as it all depends on situation and depends on how long you want to hire it for. Best to do is fill out a form and will get back to you wiith with the best price as possible.