Concerts / Festivals Bus Hire

when there is a concert or festivals in perth we get overly busy and quite often all bus buses get booked out way far in advance. Party buses are really hard to book if you leave it for last minute. So be smart book them in advance. We have strictly no alcohal or beer allowed policies in all our buses and also it is prohibited by law to drink in buses but we welcome bottle of water or a juice if you want to bring into the buses. Our experienced drivers know where to do the drop offs and pick ups in concert and festival. Quite often there is specific spot in the car park where all party buses can do their pick ups and drop offs. Be smart to familiarise with the spot where driver will drop you off and please come back little early than the time decided for pick ups. When ever you want to hire any of our party buses or normal buses we require a deposit of $ 200 which will be your bond and that will get refunded back to your account if there is no damage to the bus.

Bus Hire Prices

We have few different options and it all depends on your need.

Concerts / Festivals Bus Hire

No. of way Price
1 $ 350

Its too hard to give you the exact price as it all depends on situation and depends on how long you want to hire it for. Best to do is fill out a form and will get back to you wiith with the best price as possible.